Feel confident in using our ATM’s. We’re a well established name in the Bitcoin industry using state of the art machines paired with first class customer service

What We Do

BCB ATM is bringing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to everyone by installing our easy to use ATM throughout the UK. Now you can buy, sell or trade bitcoin easily and conveniently using cash at one of our many terminals in locations throughout the UK

Why We Do it

A leader in operating self-service Bitcoin ATM’s, We provide the physical conduit through which consumers interact with their Bitcoins while moving about the real world of everyday life. Our focus is on providing the management and operational expertise used by the world’s highest-profile and most influential banking and retail brands to provide remote financial access to their customers.

Who We Are

BCB ATM is an independently owned and operated Bitcoin ATM Company providing convenient Bitcoin exchange services at competitive rates. We use industry leading Bitcoin ATM’s known for their performance and security

How We Do It

We help consumers access the Bitcoin they need, when and where they need it the most. We assist financial institutions of all sizes in reaching their customers where they live their lives. We provide thousands of people with fast and convenient locations to make Bitcoin withdrawals. We help merchants increase convenience for their customers and draw in new customers seeking our financial services.

Company Information
BCB ATM Limited
Registered Address: 130 Old Street, London, EC1V 9BD
Companies House Reg: 09846639
ICO Reg: ZA753195

Contact Information
Email. info@bcb-atm.com
Phone. 020 3916 5895

Our Brands
BCB ATM (https://bcb-atm.com)
BCB Market (https://bcb.market)