BCB ATM – The Rise

The United Kingdom is the third largest provider of functioning bitcoin ATMs, coming in behind the United States and Canada respectively, which are both larger in population and geography.

In April of 2017, there were approximately 60 cryptocurrency ATMs in the U.K., with this number breaching 100 by December. The increasing trend regarding the use of bitcoins and other crypto currencies has resulted in the need for even more to be added across the country.

With trading volumes and usage of bitcoins increasing regularly, so is the demand for reliable and innovative supporting infrastructure. Exchanges, online communities and trading platforms are now seeking support from bitcoin ATMs. These are designed to simplify the exchange operations and we are at the forefront of this movement. Our goal is to help make this network stronger, and you will find these currency exchange machines present throughout the UK, and the entirety of the European continent.

Learn more about our company, our dedication to bitcoins and more by reading about our company, or motivation and the innovative machines that we have installed across the country.

The Rise of a Grass Roots Company

The large demand for easy access to bitcoins has spurred the development of countless businesses, including our own, London based BCB ATM, which is an independently owned and operated company. Our company, which is growing steadily has been mentioned on BBC News and is considered to be the fastest growing bitcoin ATM operator in the United Kingdom today.

Currently, we provide more than 30 locations where you can find our secure bitcoin machines, with the industry-leading machines being used. Our goal is to make cryptocurrency simple and accessible to everyone, which is why we are continuing to expand our presence in London and across the U.K.

Machines Made to Meet Modern Demand

There are one-way machines that allow users to buy Bitcoins for additional cash. There are also two-way models, which let you exchange your bitcoins for money.

The process of using our machines is simple. You only have to choose the amount that you want and then use a QR code located on your phone. Our machines will then detect your bitcoin wallet. Once the cash has been inserted into the machine, then bitcoins will be sent directly to the user’s software wallet. We have some ATMs that will generate a paper wallet (a receipt) that you can use later.

Why We are Dedicated to the Advancement of Bitcoin

BCB ATM has been referred to as “the rise of a start-up,” and while our efforts are still new and in the early stages, our success is spurring our company forward, helping us bring the use of bitcoin ATMs to more people than ever before.

We are dedicated to providing the physical conduit consumers need to interact with their bitcoins all while moving about in the real world and living their day to day lives. We help those who have invested in bitcoin access this cryptocurrency where and when they need it most. We also provide help for institutions of all sizes as they are trying to reach their customers.

In addition to providing bitcoin ATMs inside interested businesses, our company can also provide units in more convenient locations, just like traditional ATMs. We are here to help grow this amazing currency and our ATMs are quickly taking over in the UK – just as we intended.

BCB-ATM is Dedicated to the Growth of the Bitcoin Industry

Due to more and more people demanding access to bitcoin ATMs, there are more machines being installed across the country and the globe. In fact, on average there are 7.43 machines installed daily, with this number continuing to increase. Additionally, while most bitcoin ATMs are being used as one-way machines, more two-way machines are coming into play, allowing consumers to have access to easily and quickly buy, sell or trade their bitcoins.

We are excited to be part of this growth and to continue providing our customers with the superior services they expect from a leading bitcoin ATM company in the UK.

Our team is dedicated to the growth, innovation and simplicity of this growing industry. We want to make it easy to use bitcoin and make this form of currency more widely accessible and acceptable in the UK and all around the globe. While we have more than 100 machines on the way before summer 2018, our plan is to provide even more ATMs across

England and Europe in the coming future. This will help to ensure the continued growth and development of this industry and ensure the ongoing growth of the currency