A typical Bitcoin ATM percentage is 5.5% per transaction. However, we set our percentage at 4% to help flow of customer traffic and increase how much you keep.

This depends on the amount of customer traffic to your store. Please use our Bitcoin ATM profit calculator to get an estimation of potential profits from your partnership with BcB ATM

Whether you are going to place a Bitcoin ATM now or later, you are advised to contact BcB ATM for further information. If you have an expiring Bitcoin ATM contract, you may want to contact BcB ATM to see if you can get a better placement plan

What are the requirements to qualify for a Free Bitcoin ATM placement in my store? Traffic volume and the location of your store will determine eligibility, although we don’t have a minimum quota that you have to hit

* Free shipping & installation

* Free Bitcoin ATM Sign (the Bitcoin ones really stand out from the bank ones)

* Free receipt paper and free processing

* Free maintenance and technical support

Your Bitcoin ATM machine is lag-bolted to the floor of your store. If you want a through-wall Bitcoin ATM, some engineering work must be done. Contact us for more details