How to get a bitcoin atm in my store

How to get a bitcoin atm in my store

How to get a bitcoin atm in my store, this article will hopefully shed some light into the process.

Do you want more publicity for your business so you can attract customers away from your competitors? Getting a Bitcoin ATM in your store gives you several opportunities to gain more publicity.

Once you acquire your Bitcoin ATM, try using these four strategies to get more publicity and help your business thrive.

You Can Attract Customers Who Are Interested in Bitcoin

Bitcoin became a national sensation in 2017 when the currency’s value exceeded £7,800. Suddenly, people from all walks of life wanted to get a piece of the action. Unfortunately, many of those people didn’t know how to purchase Bitcoin.

When you get a Bitcoin ATM, you provide an easy way for customers to buy Bitcoin. Some of those customers may not have interest in your store and just want a convenient place to purchase or sell Bitcoin.

Once they come to your location, though, you have an opportunity to turn them into paying customers.

Bitcoin ATMs Give You a New Feature to Advertise

Adding a Bitcoin ATM gives you a new feature to advertise about your business. Even if you add a caption that says “We Have a Bitcoin ATM!” to your advertisements, you can make your ads attractive to a wider range of people.

If you want to earn more money from your Bitcoin ATM, you can advertise the feature on your company’s website and social media accounts.

Depending on where you live, there probably aren’t many other businesses with Bitcoin ATMs. Having one will help your business and your advertisements stand out from the crowd.

You Can Include Your Store on Bitcoin ATM Lists

Once you install a Bitcoin ATM in your store, you can add your location to online lists of businesses that offer public Bitcoin ATM access. Websites like BCB ATM publicise companies with Bitcoin ATMs because they want to help their users find easy ways to purchase the cryptocurrency.

Whether you own a restaurant, grocery, convenience store or other types of business, you will gain one more way to attract more customers to your business. You don’t even need to pay fees to get your name on these lists. Instead, you earn free publicity that will bring more traffic through your door.

Bitcoin ATMs Can Generate Word-of-Mouth Publicity

Bitcoin has become so popular that about one-third of Millennials plan to purchase the currency in 2018. However, even tech-savvy Millennials can become confused when they try to buy Bitcoin online.

There are a lot of marketplaces with complicated requirements for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Many potential buyers also worry about buying Bitcoin from unscrupulous websites that may steal their money.

As people talk about Bitcoin and their frustrations, your store will likely come up as an easy alternative to buying Bitcoin online.

People don’t want to risk losing money, so they will try your Bitcoin ATM. When they see how simple the process is, they’ll tell their friends about your business.

People tend to trust word-of-mouth suggestions more than advertising, which means you can benefit from the most trustworthy form of casual marketing.

Although the value of Bitcoin may fluctuate over the next several years, interest in the cryptocurrency will not disappear. In fact, a lot of people will scramble to buy Bitcoin on days when the value dips. Suddenly, you have a way to earn extra cash while bringing more people to your location