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Just a bit more information on our service

The popularity of cryptocurrency has created a need to accept digital payment from buyers and we recognise the unique prospect to install a Bitcoin ATM machine in stores at no charge

01What is it?

A Bitcoin ATM is an electronic telecommunications device that allows a person to exchange cryptocurrency and cash without the need for a human to facilitate the transaction.

02How it works?

Our Bitcoin ATMs offer bi-directional functionality; these machines enable both the purchase of Bitcoin as well as the redemption of Bitcoin for cash.

03What kind of businesses?

Having duly examined the independent retail industry, we are confident that our services will effectively support the needs of the evolving retail trade.

04How we do it?

Our goal is to Install Bitcoin ATMs in store and maintaining and running the operations at no initial or extra cost

Our Mission

Our unique ability in the digital currency sector along with our successful track record in the industry make us an enviable partner to retailers and merchants. Thus, it is our mission to form a mutually rewarding relationship.


Earn £100 for Each Successful Referral

BCB ATM is the UK’s Bitcoin ATM network. Dominance over the market in the last few years has seen our installation rate sour. But we have taken as far as we can alone, now it’s time to give an opportunity to you our customers or budding salespersons who would like to work with us in expanding even further as we begin extending considerably further and we look to quickly grow and effectively looking for new areas to have our Bitcoin ATMs

We are pleased to offer you with this amazing opportunity in joining us in installing Bitcoin ATM Machine in stores in the UK and internationally.

Tip #1


Look for areas, with high pedestrian activity, and enquire as to whether they need a Bitcoin ATM or might want to renegotiate their present Bitcoin ATM for nothing.

We are looking for new areas to have a Bitcoin ATM so please check out our current locations and remember to do not Install machine within a 2mile radius of each other. We are keen on Petrol Stations, Convenience Stores, Wine Stores, Vape Shops (with good hours), Restaurants, and Bars, one-off event hire. The area should either be open day in and day out or have long working hours.

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Utilise your phone contacts share your referral link with friends and family via email

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